Gaia Guide is a non-profit initiative, putting field guides in the hands of anyone carrying a smart phone or tablet. Access to the information on this website is and will remain free. Likewise, all field guides based upon this website are free.

Our goal

The goal is to make it easier for people to recognise the great variety of life around them and, through recognition, start to build an understanding of that life, its needs, its beauty, and its value.

Our offering

If you are planning a trip to a region covered by a field guide on this website, consider either downloading a tailor made mobile application or downloading the Gaia Guide mobile application and then selecting the specific groups of species from this site that you wish to upload into the app.
Being crowd sourced, there are and will continue to be gaps in species coverage. If you encounter a species that is not covered on this site please consider using one of the mobile applications to record the details of your encounter, to upload those details to this site and to include photos so that others with similar encounters can be assisted in future.
If you are doing a biodiversity survey in a particular region, also consider using Gaia Guide. Should the area or species of interest not already be covered by existing data, we can work with you to efficiently assemble suitable field guide data to support biodiversity survey work. All records gathered using our mobile applications are uploaded to this website. They can then be filtered, edited and reviewed online and are available for download by researchers in a variety of formats. If this is your schtick, please get in touch.

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Recently contributed images

Woolly Bear Moth, Orgyia australis, Freshwater, Cairns, Attached are the coccoons of parasitic wasp larvae

© David Witherall

Painted Pine Moth, Orgyia australis, Mossman Gorge

© David Witherall and Samuel Williams

White Centipede Moss, Leucobryum sanctum, Josephine Falls

© David Witherall and Tessa Schreiner

Female Cyclops Jumping Spider (Opisthoncus polyphemus)

© Drhoz on Flickr

Starry Goby (Asterropteryx semipunctata), Russell Island Estuary

© David Witherall and Eva McGeoch

Giant Carpet Anemone (Stichodactyla gigantea), Russell Island Estuary

© David Witherall and Orion McGeoch

Cyerce nigricans at Lizard Island

© Ingo Burghardt

Tail of Taeniura lymma at Lizard Island showing stinging barbs.

© Anne Hoggett

Colour variation of Arothron nigropunctatus at Dynamite Pass, outer reef near Lizard Island.

© Lyle Vail

Blackspotted Puffer at Lizard Island

© Andy Lewis

Pyrrosia longifolia at Lizard Island. Note long creeping rhizomes at bottom left.

© Anne Hoggett