species: Gomophia watsoni in taxonomy (Gaia Guide)
Gomophia watsoni

©Lyle Vail and Anne Hoggett: Gomophia watsoni at night, between Palfrey Island and research station. Note the pointed purple tubercles.


©Anne: Gomophia watsoni at Loomis Reef, Lizard island lagoon, at night.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Echinodermata
Class Asteroidea
Order Valvatida
Family Ophidiasteridae
Genus Gomophia
Species Gomophia watsoni



Distinguishing features

A bright colour pattern comprising white/ cream, orange and purple is distinctive for the two species of Gomophia that are found at Lizard Island. Gomophia watsoni has prominent, conical tubercles on some plates on the upper side. In contrast, an undescribed species, Gomophia sp(p), has its enlarged plates gently swollen. Both species grow to maximum radius of about 150 mm. They are not common anywhere around the island group.

Gomophia watsoni appears to be more active at night than during the day.


  • Size data has not been obtained.

Depth range

  • Depth range data is not yet available.


Similar taxa


©Atlas of Living Australia: Australian distribution: Gomophia watsoni

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